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The copper jam basin is an essential utensil for anyone wishing to make quality homemade jams. This copper basin allows fruit to be cooked optimally, thanks to its exceptional thermal conductivity. It therefore makes it possible to obtain tasty jams, with a perfect texture and a natural color.

Manufactured by the Baumalu brand, this copper jam basin is of professional quality. It has a thick copper bottom, which distributes the heat evenly and allows cooking without the risk of burning. In addition, its cast stainless steel handle is very resistant, which guarantees easy and durable handling.

Make unforgettable homemade jams with the Copper Basin, as suggested by the Cuisinstore site. The possibilities are numerous: apricot jam, strawberries, cherries… Let your creativity speak for itself! By using this copper jam basin, you will obtain an optimal result, which will delight the taste buds of the whole family.

By choosing the Baumalu copper jam basin, you are opting for quality and durability. Indeed, copper is a noble material, which retains heat perfectly and can last for many years. In addition, thanks to its 9 liter capacity, this copper jam bowl allows you to make several jars of jam in a single cooking process.

In short, the copper jam basin is an essential investment for all lovers of homemade jam. It allows to obtain unforgettable results, with a perfect texture and an incomparable flavor. So don’t hesitate any longer, order it now on Cuisinstore, and start making delicious homemade jams!

Make unforgettable homemade jams with the Copper Basin

Making jam is a tradition that has been going on for centuries. It’s a fun way to enjoy seasonal fruits while saving them for later. But to obtain a beautiful jam, you need good ingredients and the right utensils. There jam copper bowl is one of the essentials for making delicious jams. It is a traditional tool, but still relevant, which allows you to make jams with the perfect texture.

The copper basin for jam is an indispensable tool for jam enthusiasts. With its optimum capacity of 9 litres, this copper basin is the perfect choice for preparing large quantities of jam in one go. In addition, thanks to the thermal conductivity of copper, the basin adapts quickly to temperature variations and allows even cooking of the jam.

By using this copper basin, jam lovers will also be able to enjoy a durable and resistant material that lasts over time. The copper basin is easy to maintain and guarantees perfect hygiene during the preparation of jam. Finally, with its elegant and traditional design, this copper basin will also make a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Thanks to the copper jam basin, homemade jams will be incredibly easy to prepare and to succeed. Fruit simmers in this deep, smooth saucepan, which has been made in France by “De Buyer” since 1830. The perfectly balanced bowls heat evenly over gas or electric fires. Copper reacts quickly to temperatures and makes it easier to cook fruit, for the perfect jam consistency. This basin ensures even heat distribution throughout the jam, thus avoiding the risk of burning and guaranteeing a smooth and tasty texture.

Whether you are a jam enthusiast or a simple amateur, the copper jam basin is a must-have that will help you magnify the flavor of seasonal fruits. In no time, you’ll be whipping up delicious, high-quality jams for you and your loved ones. So, do not hesitate to opt for the copper jam basin from “De Buyer” for a unique and unparalleled culinary experience.

“Copper jam bowl: The essential tool for jam enthusiasts”

The advantages of the copper jam basin

The advantages of the copper jam basin

Traditional cooking is often the best, and this also applies to making jams. The copper jam bowl is a tool that has been used for centuries to make jams, and is still appreciated by jam lovers for several reasons:

  • The copper distributes the heat evenly, avoiding burnt or undercooked areas in the jam.
  • Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, which helps prepare jam faster.
  • The shape of the copper basin allows the cooking of large quantities of fruit, which is ideal for lovers of jams who stock up.
  • The copper basin is very aesthetic and a beautiful decorative object in a kitchen.
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Where to find a copper jam basin and at what price?

There are several brands that offer copper bedpans in different sizes and shapes. The French brand Moulinsart is known for its quality products. You can find their copper jam tub online, as well as in some specialty cookware stores. The price of copper basins varies depending on the size, brand and quality. It takes between 50 and 150 euros for a good quality copper basin.

Alternatives to the copper jam bowl

If you do not have a copper basin, it is possible to use a stainless steel basin. However, this can lead to even cooking and a less pleasing jam texture. It is also important to choose a basin that is large in size, in order to allow even cooking.

How to use a copper jam basin?

To use a copper jam basin, it is important to follow the following steps:

  1. Wash the fruits and cut them into pieces.
  2. Put the fruit in the copper jam bowl with the sugar and a little water and cook over low heat.
  3. During cooking, stir the preparation regularly with a wooden spoon.
  4. Watch the cooking and remove the foam that forms on the surface of the jam.
  5. Test for doneness by pouring a drop of jam on a cold plate. If the jam freezes, it is ready. Otherwise, cook for a few more minutes.
  6. Once the jam is cooked, for it into previously sterilized glass jars. Close the jars tightly and turn them upside down to sterilize them.

Delivery of copper jam basin

If you do not have a specialist store near you, it is possible to order a copper basin online. Many sites offer copper basins with home delivery. You can thus find a quality copper jam basin without having to move from home.


The copper jam bowl is an essential tool for jam lovers. It allows them to prepare large volumes of jams with the perfect texture and avoid burnt areas thanks to the even distribution of heat. If it represents an investment, the copper basin is a durable quality object that will cross generations.

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