Jam of blackberries and other fruits

Confiture de mures et autres fruits

Blackberry jam and other fruits: a delicious way to enjoy seasonal fruits

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There jam is a very popular food for young and old, and is often associated with our childhood. This preparation consists of cooking fruits with some sugar to create a dense, sweet texture that can be spread on bread or used to complement various desserts. Jam is a great way to preserve seasonal fruits, such as ripe, TEA raspberries, TEA strawberries and many others.

Blackberry jam: an easy recipe to make

There Ripe Fruit Jam is a very popular preparation thanks to its sweet and slightly acidic flavor. Here is a simple recipe for making your own blackberry jam:

Ingredients :

  • 500g blackberries
  • 250g of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Instructions :

  1. Wash the blackberries and remove the stems.
  2. Place the blackberries in a large saucepan with the sugar and lemon juice.
  3. Cook the mixture over medium heat until the fruit is soft and the sugar has dissolved.
  4. Increase the heat and bring the mixture to a boil. Then reduce the heat to medium and continue to cook the jam until it reaches around 105°C.
  5. Remove the jam from the heat and let cool.
  6. Once the jam has cooled, place it in sterilized jars and store in the refrigerator.

This recipe can be easily adapted to include other fruits, such as raspberries, strawberries, or even peaches. Just replace the blackberries with your favorite fruit and follow the same instructions.

Jam from blackberries and other fruits is not only delicious, but also very nutritious. Fruits are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which are essential for maintaining good health. Blackberry jam is also low in calories, making it a great option for weight-conscious people.

In addition to being tasty and healthy, jam made from blackberries and other fruits can be used in many ways. It can be spread on toast for a sweet breakfast, or used as a filling for cakes or pies.

Blackberry jam is a culinary preparation that has become a classic of French gastronomy. This traditional recipe is revisited with many other fruits. This diversification makes the jam even tastier and more greedy. To make this jam of blackberries and other fruits, you must first select the ingredients. The blackberries must be very ripe and the other quality fruits chosen. Next, it is important to carefully prepare the fruit: wash it, peel it and cut it into pieces. Cooking is the most delicate phase of the preparation: it is necessary to control the temperature and the duration in order to make a perfectly successful jam. To guide you step by step in making this jam, you can refer to the detailed recipe available on the Jam Recipes website. This revisited traditional recipe will allow you to discover new mixtures of flavors by incorporating fruits such as strawberries, pears, cherries or even peaches. Potting is also an important step: the jars must be sterilized and filled with the still hot jam. This will allow for better preservation and optimum subsequent tasting. The jam of blackberries and other fruits is ideal to accompany your breakfasts, snacks and desserts. It can also be offered as a gourmet gift to share its delicacy with loved ones. So don’t hesitate any longer and start preparing this delicious jam by following the recipe available on Jam Recipes: your friends and family will be delighted!

Jam of blackberries and other fruits: a traditional recipe revisited

Blackberry jam is a delicious homemade treat, but why not try other fruits to vary the pleasures? By using seasonal fruits, you can create unique flavors that will brighten up your breakfasts and desserts. This recipe seasonal fruit jam uses raspberries, blackberries and currants to create a sweet jam with a tangy twist. Fruit is combined with sugar and lemon juice, then slowly cooked to create a jam of the perfect consistency. It’s a great way to use fruit from your garden or local market.

However, you can also try other fruit combinations. Strawberries and rhubarb are a great combination for a delicious, slightly tart jam. Peaches and apricots are ideal for a sweet and juicy jam. For red fruits, you can combine cherries, strawberries and blueberries for an aromatic jam. By using different fruit combinations, the possibilities are endless.

Making jam is also a great way to reduce food waste. Overripe fruit can be used to create delicious jam. Less appealing fruits, such as pitted apples, can also be used to add a touch of sweetness to your jam.

Finally, fruit jam is a great homemade gift for friends and family. Put it in a pretty glass jar, add a personalized label and you will have a gift appreciated by all. So the next time you see seasonal fruits on sale, buy some and try making your own jam. You will not be disappointed!

1. Is blackberry jam easy to prepare?

1. Is blackberry jam easy to prepare?

Yes, blackberry jam is easy to make by following the recipe above.

2. What other fruits can I use to make jam?

You can use a variety of fruits to make jam, such as raspberries, strawberries, peaches, apricots, cherries, plums and many more.

3. How long can I keep my blackberry and other fruit jam?

Your blackberry and other fruit jam can be stored in the refrigerator for about two weeks.


Blackberry and other fruit jam is a delicious way to enjoy your favorite seasonal fruits all year round. With the simple recipe above, you can easily make your own blackberry jam and experiment with other fruits to create new flavors. Try this recipe at home and discover how delicious blackberry jam can be!

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