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Confitures de la création

Les Confitures de la création: a family adventure of making jam in the Hautes-Savoie region

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The Passy House:

The Passy House is a maker quality jams located in HighSavoy. Founded by the Verdet family, it continues today the tradition of making artisanal jams for more than 30 years. It all started with the creation of the Jam of Creation.

The story of creation:

The story of creation:

The Jam of Creation was born from a adventure personal property of the Verdet family. While the mother of the family wanted to give her children a gift for Easter, she decided to make personalized jams. She then created the jam of creation, a jam made of fruits and spices which was a real success with her family.

Faced with the enthusiasm of their relatives, the Verdet family decided to market their creation. They thus created jams of creation, a range of personalized jams made from rigorously selected fresh seasonal fruit.

The jams of creation are made in an artisanal way in the workshops of Maison Passy. It all starts with the selection of seasonal fruits which are sorted, peeled and cut by hand. Maison Passy attaches great importance to the quality of the raw materials to guarantee gustatory excellence.

The fruits are then slowly cooked with cane sugar in order to preserve all the flavors and aromas of the fruits. Maison Passy uses spices and aromatic herbs to bring a personal touch to each creation.

Jams are an essential element for any lover of gourmet breakfasts. Today, we are going to talk to you about a brand that stands out: Les Confitures de la Création. This company is the result of a change of life for its founders, who wanted to create artisanal and unique jams, far from the big industrial brands. And the result is simply amazing!

The range includes classic flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, peach and apricot, but also bolder blends such as green tomato with vanilla or red pepper. Each jar is prepared by hand, with quality fruits and ingredients, and without the addition of preservatives or artificial colors.

One of the brand’s flagship products is blackcurrant jam, which has won several prizes in gastronomic competitions. This jam is made from blackcurrants grown on the heights of the Massif Central, known for the quality of its fruit. Its dark red color and its sweet-tangy taste make it a pleasure to spread on fresh bread or to use in pastry recipes.

The brand’s website offers the possibility of ordering jams online, with fast and careful delivery. It is also possible to buy the products in specialized shops, as well as at fairs and markets.

In summary, if you are looking to add a touch of artisanal delicacy to your breakfasts or your cooking recipes, we highly recommend the Jams of Creation. So feel free to click on the link http://torrefactiondauron.fr to discover their range of products and place an order. You will not be disappointed!

The range of creative jams:

The Jams of Creation are available in a wide variety of flavors, ranging from the most classic to the most original. Here are some examples of jams offered by Maison Passy:

  • Strawberry, basil and pepper jam
  • Apple jam, cinnamon and star anise
  • Rhubarb, raspberry and vanilla jam
  • Cherry, thyme and lemon jam
  • Apricot, peach and rosemary jam

The Confitures de la création are available in 220 gram jars and are sold in delicatessens, local markets or directly on the Maison Passy website.

The values ​​of Maison Passy:

La Maison Passy is committed to offering products of impeccable quality to its customers. Each jar of jam in the creation is made with passion and love, respecting traditional craftsmanship.

La Maison Passy is also concerned about the environment. All the packaging used is recyclable and the fruit used comes mainly from the region, which reduces the ecological footprint of the brand.


La Maison Passy only uses fresh seasonal fruit selected from producers in the region. Although Maison Passy does not have organic certification, it tries to use fruits from sustainable agriculture.

Jams are very popular products in France. Whether for breakfast or to accompany cheese, a slice of bread or pancakes, jams have their place in our homes. But did you know that jams could be revisited and become true works of culinary art? This is the concept of “Confitures de la création”, a French company that offers original and surprising jams.

Their range of jams is inspired by the country’s most renowned chefs and artisans. The jams are prepared with fresh, quality fruit, but with a creative twist. For example, their “Strawberry-Mint” jam is enhanced with fresh mint, while their “Rhubarb-Star Anise” jam has spicy and aniseed notes. The flavors are bold, but still perfectly balanced.

But what makes “Jams of Creation” truly unique is their attention to detail. Their jams are presented in jars decorated with artistic labels and are sold in elegant gift boxes. This company not only cares about the taste of its products, but also about their aesthetics.

In addition to their jams, “Confitures de la création” also offers a range of syrups for cocktails, as well as savory jams to be enjoyed as an accompaniment to meats or cheeses. The company’s website offers cooking recipes to use their products creatively.

In summary, “Confitures de la création” is a company that offers original, tasty and aesthetically pleasing jams. If you want to discover new flavors and amaze your guests, their products are made for you. You can find their full line of products by following this link: Jams of creation: jam revisited.

Do Creation Jams contain allergens?

Do Creation Jams contain allergens?

The Jams of Creation are made from natural ingredients, without the addition of preservatives or artificial flavors. However, some recipes contain spices, nuts or other allergens. It is therefore important to read the labels carefully before consuming the products.


“Les Confitures de la création are the result of a personal adventure and a passion for fruit. We are proud to perpetuate the tradition of artisanal production of quality jams.” – Passy House

Conclusion :

The jams of creation are quality products, made with passion and love by Maison Passy. Each jar of jam is unique and offers an unforgettable taste experience. Maison Passy, ​​with its experience and know-how, perpetuates the tradition of artisanal production of quality jams in Haute-Savoie.

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