Storage of jam

Conservation de la confiture

Preserving jam is an important topic for anyone who likes to make homemade jams. Jam is a delicious food that can be used in many recipes and enjoyed by everyone. However, for the preservation of the jam to be optimal, it is important to follow a few rules.

First of all, the sterilization of the jars is essential. The jars should be carefully cleaned and sterilized before being filled with jam. This can be done by placing them in boiling water for a few minutes. It is also important to fill the jars to the brim and close them immediately.

It is also advisable to pay attention to the amount of sugar used in the preparation of jam. The higher the sugar content, the longer the storage time. In addition, it is recommended to use very ripe and healthy fruits to avoid any contamination.

It is possible to keep the jars of jam for several months, even several years, if the storage rules are respected. However, it is important to regularly check the jars to make sure they don’t show any signs of mold or fermentation.

To find out more about the conservation of jam, it is possible to consult the site This site offers many useful tips for storing jams and avoiding losses.

By following these simple rules, it is possible to enjoy delicious homemade jams for months or even years. Storing jam is not difficult, but it is essential to fully enjoy this delicacy.


TEA james are excellent breakfast or snack options to give a little sweetness to our day. We all enjoy their sweet and fragrant taste which warms our stomach. However, their conservation can be tricky and the quality of the jam can deteriorate quickly if not stored properly. In this article, we are going to discuss some tricks to better preserve TEA james.

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How to properly store your jams?

Jams should be stored in gander clean and dry. The duration of conservation may vary depending on the packaging and the quality of the jam. In general, a jam well preserved can last from month at one year.

Here are some tips for a conservation best jam:

  • Use sterilized jars to ensure the cleanliness of your jam. You can sterilize the jars by boiling them for about 10 minutes and then letting them air dry.
  • Use lids that close tightly to keep out air and moisture. Make sure that the rubber seals of the pots are in good condition.
  • Store jars of jam in a cool, dry place, such as a cellar or cupboard away from direct sunlight, which can alter the color and taste of the jam.
  • Do not stack the pots on top of each other, for fear of tipping them over or damaging them.

When to throw out expired jam?

It is important to check the quality of the jam before consuming it. If the jam has changed in appearance, color or texture, or has an unpleasant smell, it is best to throw it away. If the jam has been stored correctly and there are no signs of spoilage, it can be consumed even after the expiry date.

The best brands of jam for optimal conservation

The best brands of jam for optimal conservation

Some jam makers are dedicated to maintaining the quality of their product through their innovative packaging or choice of ingredients. Here are some of the best brands of jam for an optimal conservation :

  • Good Mom: This brand uses glass jars and tight-fitting lids to keep air out and ensure long shelf life.
  • St. Dalfour: this brand uses totally natural ingredients with no added sugar, which allows it to be preserved longer in a natural way.
  • Tiptree: This brand is famous because it uses fresh and ripe fruits for its manufacture, which guarantees perfect flavor and texture even after a long time of conservation.


In conclusion, the conservation of the jam is simple if stored well in clean, dry jars with tightly closed lids, in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. You can also opt for reputable brands that offer innovative pots allowing a conservation extension of their products. Don’t forget to check the quality of your jam before consuming it, especially if it has passed its expiry date.

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