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Sugar Jam: the fruit of France

Sugar Jam: the fruit of France
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What is sugar jam?

What is sugar jam?

Sugar jam is a product of the French culinary tradition, derived from the technique of cooking fruit in sugar. Jam is a preparation that defines the conservation of fruits, transforming them into a sweet paste by cooking over low heat. This process allows the fruit to be preserved for several months. The sugar jam is considered a special product, because it is unique in its kind and represents a French culinary base.

The manufacture of sugar jam is very simple and identical for many years in France. Several steps are necessary for cooking fruit in sugar, namely:

  1. Choose fruit
  2. Wash and peel them
  3. Cook them in sugar over low heat until a sweet paste is obtained.
  4. Store them in glass jars, airtight, sterilized in boiling water

The sugar used in the preparation of jam is usually cane, which is unique in its kind and gives French sugar jam a special taste.

Sweet jam is a delicacy that is often part of breakfasts or snacks. But why make your own sweet jam rather than buying it from the store? First of all, it’s more rewarding to do things yourself, especially when it comes to food. By making your own jam, you ensure that the ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality.

In addition to being healthier, homemade jam is also cheaper than the one you buy in the store. You can use fruits that are in season and inexpensive, which helps you reduce your food expenses. Plus, you can eliminate preservatives and other additives often found in processed foods.

By adding different flavors to your jam, you can also personalize your breakfast and impress your guests. You can use unusual fruit blends, such as mango and raspberry, or add spices like cinnamon or cardamom to create a unique and delicious jam.

Also, homemade jam can be a great gift for friends and family members. By creating your own recipe, you can jar it, label it nicely, and gift it to those who appreciate a good spread.

Finally, making your own sweet jam is an enjoyable activity that can be shared with friends or family. You can spend a pleasant afternoon picking fruit, preparing it and cooking it together. It’s a fun activity that can strengthen bonds and bring joy.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons to make your own sweet jam rather than buying it from the store. By following a simple recipe, you can create a delicious, healthy, and economical spread that can also be a great sharing activity. So why not try making your own homemade jam today?

“Why make your own sweet jam instead of buying it from the store?”

Fruits used for sugar jam

Fruits used for sugar jam

Sugar jam can be made with any fresh fruit, but the most classic are cherries, strawberries, apricots, mirabelle plums, blackberries, blueberries, oranges, peaches, pears, plums, grapes, raspberries and currants. These fruits make it possible to obtain very popular sweet jams.

The most famous brands of sugar jams

There are several brands of very well-known sugar jams in France, which offer sweet jams with particular and unique tastes. The best known brands are: Good Mom, Francine, St. Dalfour And Andros.

The benefits of consuming sugar jam

Sugar jam has several health benefits, as it is a source of vitamins and antioxidants. It is also rich in dietary fiber, which helps maintain proper bowel function. In addition, sugar jam is an excellent way to preserve fruit for several months, and enjoy it at any time.

Ingredients :

  • 1.5 kg of strawberries
  • 1 kg cane sugar
  • The juice of a lemon

Preparation :

  1. Wash and hull strawberries
  2. In a casserole dish, cook the strawberries with the sugar and lemon juice for 20 minutes, stirring regularly
  3. Check the consistency of the jam by pouring it onto a cold plate. If she freezes, she’s ready
  4. Put the jam in glass jars, sterilized beforehand, and turn them over to release the air
  5. Store the jars in a cool, dry place away from light

Sweet jam is a culinary delight that many people love. However, the question that many people sometimes ask themselves before making a jam is: what is the ideal amount of sugar to obtain a perfect sweet jam? The answer is very simple and is available on the site This website offers solutions for the preparation of a sweet jam.

It is important to prepare a sweet jam with the ideal amount of sugar which may vary depending on the fruit with which the jam is prepared. For sour fruits such as raspberries, currants or citrus fruits, it is better to use 750 grams of sugar per kilogram of fruit. For fruits full of sugar such as cherries or strawberries, it is enough to add 650 grams of sugar for one kilogram of fruit. Finally, for bland fruits such as apples or pears, it is advisable to add more sugar, i.e. around 800 grams of sugar for one kilogram of fruit. It is important to choose the amount of sugar according to the fruit used, in order to have a perfect sweet jam.

In conclusion, it is important to prepare your sweet jam with the amount of sugar that best suits the fruit used. For this, it is advisable to consult the website Moreover, sweet jam has become a delicious special occasion. It is accompanied by cookies or toast, and some even prefer it for pies. It is therefore essential to take the time to prepare it well by choosing the appropriate amount of sugar, in order to ensure a delicious and perfect sweet jam.

What is the best amount of sugar for the perfect sweet jam?


French sugar jam is a culinary specialty rich in history and tradition. Its simple and identical manufacture for generations, as well as the selected fruits, give it a unique taste. The consumption of sugar jam is beneficial for health and allows you to enjoy fruit all year round.

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