Crystal sugar for jam

Sucre cristal pour confiture

Crystal sugar for jam: what is it?

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Features and uses

TEA crystal sugar is a type of white sugar that is often used to make james. Unlike powdered sugar, granulated sugar has a larger grain size, which makes it ideal for making jams.

Crystal sugar for jam is particularly suitable, as it is able to dissolve gently when heated, allowing the fruit to cook slowly and retain its shape and texture. Additionally, granulated sugar contains larger grains that remain visible in the finished jam, making it an aesthetic choice for jam makers.

Crystal sugar brands for jam

There are several brands of crystal sugar available on the market. The most popular brands are Begin Say And The parakeet. Begin Say is a French sugar brand that offers superior quality crystal sugar, ideal for making jams. La Perruche, on the other hand, is a brand of unrefined cane sugar, making it a healthier choice for those looking to avoid refined white sugar.

How to use granulated sugar for jam?

How to use granulated sugar for jam?

Here is an easy basic recipe for making a delicious jam using granulated sugar:


– 1 kg of fresh fruit (strawberries, apricots, cherries, etc.)

– 500g of crystal sugar

– Lemon juice (optional)


1. Cut the fruit into small pieces.

2. Pour them into a saucepan and add the crystal sugar. Mix well.

3. Let the mixture sit for about an hour to allow the sugar to dissolve and coat the fruit.

4. Heat the pan over low heat to melt the sugar. Stir regularly to prevent the fruit from sticking and burning on the bottom.

5. Once the sugar is completely melted, bring the mixture to a boil.

6. Reduce the heat and simmer the mixture for about an hour, or until it thickens and looks like jam.

7. If using lemon juice, add it at the end, just before removing the pan from the heat. This will help correct the acidity of your jam.

Crystal sugar for jam is an essential component for successful homemade jams. However, there is a confusion between crystal sugar and special jam/jelly sugar. To clarify this, special jam/jelly sugar contains a gelling agent, while granulated sugar is only intended for crystallization. It is therefore important to use the appropriate sugar to obtain the perfect texture for your jams.

At Daddy we have a range of sugars specially dedicated to different uses, including crystal sugar for jam, which is 100% pure cane sugar. Our sugar is easily soluble and crystallizes quickly for a fine texture and delicious flavor. We understand that making their own jams can seem daunting, but with the right sugar and the right techniques, anyone can achieve professional results, and most importantly, incredibly flavorful jams.

For more information on the difference between crystal sugar and special jam/jelly sugar, see our FAQ page on our website: We’re always here to help you get the best results, whether you’re an expert or new to making homemade jams. Remember, the key to success is choosing the right sugar and following the recipe steps carefully. With our crystal sugar for jam, you will obtain a perfect texture and a delicious fruity flavor for your next homemade jam.

What are the benefits of using granulated sugar for jam?

Crystal sugar for jam offers several advantages over other types of sugar or sweeteners. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

– Allows slow cooking of fruits, which preserves their shape and texture.

– Prevents the formation of crystals and ensures a smooth texture in the finished jam.

– Allows a longer preservation time for the jam.

– Gives a beautiful color and shine to the finished jam.

Crystal sugar versus powdered sugar: what’s the difference?

grain size

Crystal sugar and powdered sugar are two different types of sugar. The main difference is the grain size. Granulated sugar has larger grains, while powdered sugar is ground into a fine powder.

In cooking, granulated sugar is often used for applications where a grainy texture is desirable, such as in jams or pastries. Powdered sugar, on the other hand, is often used for applications where a smooth texture is preferred, such as in icings or creams.


What is the difference between crystal sugar and brown sugar?

Crystal sugar is different from brown sugar in the degree of refining. Crystal sugar is a refined white sugar with larger grains, while brown sugar still contains some of the natural molasses from sugar cane, giving it a darker color and flavor. Brown sugar is therefore a healthier choice than crystal sugar.

Can I replace granulated sugar with honey?

Can I replace granulated sugar with honey?

Honey can be used as a substitute for crystal sugar in some jam recipes. However, it is not recommended to completely replace granulated sugar with honey, as it can change the texture and taste of the jam.

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