Homemade jam conservation

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Homemade jam conservation: everything you need to know to keep your homemade jams for several months

Homemade jam conservation: everything you need to know to keep your homemade jams for several months
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What is homemade jam?

Homemade jam is a product that you can make at home, without additives or preservatives. You can use different fruits and ingredients of your choice to make it.

How to make homemade jam?

How to make homemade jam?

Making homemade jam is quite simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. wash the fruits you have chosen.
  2. Chop the fruit into small pieces.
  3. add sugar to taste and mix well.
  4. add lemon juice to help preserve the jam.
  5. whore the mixture in a saucepan and heat until the mixture becomes thick.
  6. whore the mixture in sterilized jars.
  7. let chill.

How to store homemade jam?

How to store homemade jam?

Storing homemade jam is very important if you want to keep it for several months. Here are some tips for storing homemade jam:

  1. sterilize your jars before using them to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.
  2. fill the jars to the rim to prevent the formation of mould.
  3. add a little sugar or lemon juice to help with preservation.

How long does homemade jam keep?

Homemade jam can be kept for several months if properly stored. Under ideal storage conditions, homemade jam can be kept for 6 to 12 months.

How to store homemade jam?

Homemade jam should be stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid places with high humidity or large temperature variation.

How do you know if homemade jam is bad?

If homemade jam is bad, it will have an unpleasant smell and dark color. If you notice any mold or fermentation, it is best to discard the jam.

Why is it important to properly store homemade jam?

It is important to store homemade jam well to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of mould. Poorly stored jam can be dangerous to health.

Yes, jars of homemade jam retain the flavor and texture of the jam if it has been properly stored. Homemade jam retains its original aromas and flavors for several months if stored properly.

Homemade jam is a real institution in France. It is a true artisanal work which requires time and a great mastery. Homemade jams generally keep much longer than industrial jams. Indeed, the shelf life depends on several factors, such as the type of fruit used, the amount of added sugar, or the method of preservation. According to an article published on the 750g.com site, an opened jar of jam can be kept for up to a month for certain types of fruit, and up to six months for others.

The conservation of homemade jam is therefore an important subject for all lovers of cuisine and local products. It is recommended to keep the jars of jam in a dry and cool place, away from light. It is also important to close the jars well after each use, and not to put dirty spoons or spoons used for other foods.

In summary, homemade jam is a real delight that can be kept for a long time if you take the right precautions. By investing time and energy in the preparation of quality jams, you can treat yourself throughout the year with fresh and local products. Preserving homemade jam is therefore a great challenge that all gourmets can take up successfully. Do not hesitate to begin on this culinary adventure, you will not be disappointed!

“Homemade conservation jam: a real artisanal work”


By following the steps for preparing homemade jam and storing it correctly, you can enjoy this delicious treat for several months. With these tips for preserving homemade jam, you can enjoy it any time of the year while avoiding commercial brand additives and preservatives.

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