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Jam sugar is a food widely used for the preparation of jams and compotes. However, there is a wide variety of jam sugars and it is not easy to navigate. Indeed, you can find classic white sugar, brown sugar, crystal sugar, gelling sugar, etc. However, it is important to consider the choice of this sugar because it can have an impact on health.

Jam sugar is often compared with another type of sugar, low glycemic index sugar. The latter helps to limit variations in blood sugar levels and is therefore recommended for people with diabetes. However, it is also preferable for everyone to turn to this type of sugar to prepare healthy and quality homemade jams.

It is therefore crucial to pay attention to the glycemic index of the jam sugar that is used. For this, it is advisable to turn to special gelling sugars for low glycemic index jams such as the low glycemic index jam sugar from Tootoweight which is organic and of superior quality. By using this type of sugar, you can be sure that your jams will have a perfect texture and above all will be healthy.

In conclusion, it is important to take into account the quality and composition of the jam sugar used. The choice of sugar can have an impact on health, especially when taking into account the glycemic index. It is therefore recommended to favor sugars with a low glycemic index such as jam sugar with a low glycemic index offered by Tootoweight. In this way, you can enjoy the pleasures of jamming without compromising your health.

Jam sugar with a low glycemic index: everything you need to know

Jam sugar is an essential element to obtain a delicious homemade jam. However, it is important to know how to choose the right sugar for a successful recipe. On the Sucrenature.com website, you will find practical information for choosing the ideal sugar for your jams. There are several types of jam sugar such as crystal sugar, gelling sugar or special jam sugar. Each of these sugars has different properties that can influence the texture, flavor and keeping quality of your jam. In general, the gelling sugar is the most used because it allows a good jelly of the jam in a short time. However, it is important to respect the dosages proposed on the packaging and to follow the preparation instructions to ensure a successful jam.

By using the sugars offered on Sucrenature.com, you can also benefit from more natural products, without any preservatives or additives. Organic jam sugar is particularly an excellent choice for people who want to favor healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients. In addition, the sugars offered on this site often come from ethical and sustainable sources.

In summary, jam sugar is an essential ally for successful homemade jams. By choosing the right sugar, you can get a tasty jam that is well set in jelly. Don’t hesitate to consult the Sucrenature.com website to find the ideal sugar for your jam recipes. With superior quality and the guarantee of a natural product, you will enjoy savoring this delicious treat even more.




Jams are sweet treats that everyone loves. There is nothing more delicious than spreading a good jam on a slice of freshly toasted bread. Jams can be made with a variety of fruits, sugar and ingredients according to individual preferences. However, to obtain an ideal texture and consistency for your jam, a special ingredient is necessary, the jam sugar. In this article, we will explain why jam sugar is so important for more successful jams.

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What is jam sugar?

Jam sugar is a type of sugar specially designed for the preparation of jams and jellies. It’s different from the standard granulated sugar we use for other dessert preparations because it contains citric acid to help with gelling. Jam sugar also contains pectin to help thicken and stabilize jams.

Why use jam sugar?

Jam sugar is essential for successful jams, as it has been specially formulated for this use. Traditional jams require a delicate balance between sugar, water and fruit. Sugar cane helps this equation by providing the citric acid and pectin fruits need for effective gelling. If you use standard granulated sugar, you may end up with an inconsistent consistency and your jam won’t be as stiff and thick as you’d like.

How to use jam sugar?

Jam Sugar is very easy to use and can be swapped one for one with regular granulated sugar. All you have to do is follow the recipe for your favorite jam and replace the standard granulated sugar with jam sugar. You will get results of the same thickness and consistency, but your jam will be firmer and firmer.

Benefits of using jam sugar

Using jam sugar has many benefits for making jams and jellies, including:

  • Ideal Texture and Consistency: Because jam sugar contains pectin, you’ll get the perfect texture and consistency for your jams and jellies. Your jam will look great and be easy to spread.
  • Time Saving: Using jam sugar saves you time and effort as it makes the cooking process easier. You’ll get faster, hassle-free results.
  • Fruit will retain its color and flavor: By using jam sugar, your fruit will retain its original color and flavor for a more flavorful and enjoyable-to-eat jam.



Q: Is candy sugar more expensive than standard granulated sugar?

AT: Yes, candy cane is slightly more expensive than standard granulated sugar because it contains additional ingredients such as pectin and citric acid.

Q: Can I replace the jam sugar with standard granulated sugar?

AT: It is preferable to use jam sugar to obtain a more successful jam. However, if you can’t find it, you can substitute the jam sugar for standard granulated sugar by adding pectin and extra citric acid to your recipe.



Jam sugar is a special ingredient that every jam lover should have in their kitchen. It is essential to obtain a successful jam with an ideal texture and consistency. If you want to wow your family and friends with delicious jams and jellies, be sure to use jam sugar the next time you bake jam.

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