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Making homemade jams is a popular and enjoyable activity for many people. Whether for morning toast or to accompany cheese, jams are a delicious way to enjoy seasonal fruits all year round. However, preserving jams is not always easy. If not properly stored, jams can spoil quickly, losing their taste and texture.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to storing jams. First of all, it is important to sterilize the jars to avoid any contamination. Next, it’s important to seal the jars properly to keep out air and moisture. Finally, it is important to store the jars at a cool, dark temperature to avoid any degradation.

There are many techniques for successful preservation of homemade jams, and these techniques are readily available online. The best websites to find these techniques are specialized sites like At the stoves, which offers complete and detailed information on the preparation and storage of jams.

By following the advice given by experts, it is possible to preserve homemade jams for months or even years. The key is to follow the instructions carefully and take the necessary precautions to avoid any risk of contamination or degradation. With a little time and effort, homemade jams can be enjoyed all year round.

The shelf life of jam: How many months?

Preserving jams is essential to prolong their consumption. The shelf life of the jam depends on the type of fruit, the amount of sugar used and the method of heat treatment. In general, a well-preserved jam can last between 6 months and 1 year. There are, however, james that retain their freshness for many years.

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Where to keep your jams?

Where to keep your jams?

The best way to keep your james is to keep them in a dry and cool place. It is ideal to store them away from light and heat. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or leaving them at room temperature. High temperatures can cause the jam to ferment and compromise its shelf life.

Storing jams in the refrigerator

keep your james in the refrigerator is an option that extends their life. It is important to store them in airtight jars to prevent air and moisture from entering. Jams stored in the refrigerator can last for several months.

Thoroughly sterilize the jars before using them.

Thoroughly sterilize the jars before using them.

The sterilization of the jars is a crucial step for a conservation optimal jams. It is important to clean the jars with hot water and soap before sterilizing them. The sterilization process can be done using an electric sterilizer or by boiling them in water for about 10 minutes before filling them with the jam.

Adding wax, an ancestral preservation technique

Wax is a technique of conservation ancestral which makes it possible to prolong the lifespan of jams. This technique consists of spreading a layer of wax on the surface of the jam to form an airtight seal that protects against air and moisture. The wax used should be food grade and easily melted for easy application.

The brands that offer the best preservation methods

Several brands offer techniques for conservation optimal for jam. The brand Good Mom is known for its airtight jars that guarantee the maximum preservation of the jam. St Dalfour uses a high quality sterilization method to ensure the conservation optimal of their jam.



Q: How long can homemade jam be kept?

AT: Once sterilized in an airtight jar, homemade jam can have a shelf life of between 6 months and 1 year. It is important to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Q: Is it possible to store jam in the freezer?

AT: It is possible to freeze jam. To do this, simply pour it into freezer bags and place it in the freezer. The shelf life of the jam frozen is about 12 months.

Q: How do I know if a jam has turned?

AT: When a jam turned, it may have a grainy texture, mold or oily appearance. If you notice these signs, it’s best to throw the jam away immediately.


There conservation of the james is essential to extend their lifespan. It is important to store them in a dry and cool place, to sterilize them properly and to store them in airtight jars. keep your james in the refrigerator can also prolong their life. marks Good Mom And St Dalfour offer methods of conservation optimal for jam. Follow these tips to enjoy your james tasty home for many months.

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