How to Make Delicious Fig Jam

Comment Réaliser une Confiture de Figues Délicieuse

Hello dear foodies! Do you love figs? I have a great recipe for you! It’s here delicious fig jam which might just change your mind about the other jams. It’s a simple recipe, as easy to make as Sunday morning pain au chocolat. So, to know how to make delicious fig jam, it’s this way!

Choose Quality Fruits

Yes, ingredients are important, friends. You can’t have a successful recipe without good ingredients. Make a delicious fig jam So start with the choice of figs. Choose them very ripe, juicy and fragrant for an authentic taste. You can even favor varieties of purple or black figs which are particularly tasty.

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First Step: Preparing the Figs

How to make delicious fig jam, without going through the preparation box? Not possible ! So, let’s get started. Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut your figs into quarters.
  • Remove the stems, it’s useless and it brings bitterness.
  • Place them in a large salad bowl.

The Secret: Maceration

To accentuate the flavor of the figs, let them macerate overnight with sugar. This step (one of the most important for make delicious fig jam) simply involves pouring sugar over the figs and letting it sit.

Second Step: Cooking the Figs

Now it’s time to cook this beautiful preparation. Transfer your figs to a large saucepan or Dutch oven. The trick to achieving perfect texture? Do not cook the figs for too long, around ten minutes is enough to keep the pieces of fruit whole.

The Finale: Potting

The last crucial step for make delicious fig jam is to transfer your preparation while still hot into sterilized jars. Close them tightly and turn them over until they cool.

And there you go, now you know how to make delicious fig jam! It’s not very complicated, is it? All you have to do is let your jam sit for a few days before enjoying it.

On your toast, set, go!